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  • Information rich, knowledge poor: Overcoming insurers’ data conundrum
    How can insurers realize the benefits of data as a strategic asset? Explore the challenges and potential solutions to mastering information management.
  • From follower to leader: Innovation strategies in retail financial services
    How can banks go from followers to pioneers in an already crowded market? Is it simply about making products and services cheaper, or is it about making them better by creating more non-price value? Read our new Deloitte Center for Financial Services and Deloitte University Press study for more.
  • Mobile financial services: Raising the bar on customer engagement
    How can financial services firms galvanize their efforts to increase mobile adoption, leverage mobile devices’ current capabilities, and proactively prepare for the future of mobile technologies? Read our Deloitte Center for Financial Services and Deloitte University Press study to learn more.
  • New business and operating models for derivatives: Adapting to and benefiting from shifting regulatory winds
    Read this paper as it provides insights into the potential business strategies institutions should follow in order to remain competitive in the current OTC derivatives market environment and outlines some of the key considerations to implement an operating model in support of superior returns.
  • Breakthrough for sustainability in commercial real estate
    Read this paper to learn about the demand for green buildings, myth versus reality in sustainability, and what’s next for sustainability in real estate.
  • Chinese investment in U.S. real estate: Collaborate and benefit
    View this Closer Look for our analysis on the Chinese investment strategy in the U.S. commercial real estate market and how U.S. real estate players can benefit from the trend.
  • Overcoming speed bumps on the road to telematics
    Discover how insurance companies may benefit from usage-based insurance, while navigating potential potholes or speed bumps.
  • Bitcoin: The new gold rush?
    Read this paper or view our infographic to learn about Bitcoin in the context of the financial services industry, particularly payments and banks.
  • Transforming cybersecurity: New approaches for an evolving threat landscape
    Read this report to learn how financial services firms can create a dynamic, intelligence-driven approach to cyber risk management to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from the potential damages from cyber attacks.
  • 2014 Financial services industry outlooks
    View our outlooks collection to see what 2014 may have in store for the industry.
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