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  • The Edge Series: Pocket-guides to the Center for the Edge
    Why are companies and individuals struggling despite stock market highs and record profits? What deep forces are driving the changes buffeting the world today? How can readers navigate the short-term challenges while taking steps to capture the long-term opportunities? Find your answers to these questions and more with the Center for the Edge “Edge Series” of pocket-guide references.
  • Passion at work: Cultivating worker passion as a cornerstone of talent development
    By cultivating the traits of worker passion in their workforce, organizations can make sustained performance gains and develop the resilience they need to withstand continuous market challenges and disruptions.
  • The Shift Index series
    The Shift Index can help executives understand and take advantage of the changes around them. Explore our 2013 series to learn more.
  • From invisible to visible to measurable: Social analytics extends enterprise performance improvement
    Social media can help companies open communication channels up, down, and across the enterprise to gain data-driven insights and improve business outcomes.
  • Center for the Edge Insights
    Center for the Edge Insights is a regular compilation of the Center’s insights and views on a number of business issues.
  • Work environment redesign: Accelerating talent development and performance improvement
    Results from a recent Deloitte study of more than 75 organizations suggest that the work environment can have a critical impact on employee learning, performance and passion toward work. Learn more.
  • Lessons from the Edge
    What companies can learn from a tribe in the Amazon.
  • A movement in the making
    The impact of digital design and production tools is just beginning, amplified by the platforms for learning, sharing, and selling employed by the growing maker movement. The key difference between DIY-ers of decades past and the makers of today? Digital technology. Discover what the maker movement means for your company.
  • Unlocking the passion of the explorer
    By adopting new ways of working focused on eliciting and amplifying the passion of certain workers, organizations will benefit from the sustained performance improvement that these individuals create.
  • From exponential technologies to exponential innovation
    Through a virtuous cycle — technological improvement enabling innovation, which in turn serves as a platform for further technological improvement and innovation — exponentially advancing digital technologies have led to exponentially accelerating innovation. The resulting marketplace disruptions make the environment increasingly difficult to navigate, but can also open the door to great opportunity.
  • Coherency in contradiction
    We exist in a world of contradictions. The urge to resolve contradictions is human nature. Yet contradictions can be viewed as opportunities to simultaneously explore two paths in ways that complement each other. Explore how to navigate the conflicting pressures brought on by technology advances and globalization.
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