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  • Technology disruptors and enablers - A consumer products perspective
    Explore the individual consumer products (CP) technology trends disruptors and enablers.
  • CPG companies: Your next growth opportunity has a username and password
    With the pace of digital commerce in packaged goods expected to accelerate, CPG companies should act now with a coordinated, systematic approach.
  • Same game, different approaches
    2014 American Pantry Study.
  • Digital commerce in the supermarket aisle: Strategies for CPG brands
    CPG companies have seen shifts of market share shift to digital commerce – often in unexpected grocery and mass merchandiser categories. Digital commerce in the supermarket aisle is no longer the proverbial years away. It is here today.
  • From risk to resilience
    Using analytics and visualization to reduce supply chain vulnerability.
  • Cracking the genetic code of high-performing manufacturers
    What enables high-performing manufacturers to excel consistently? How are they positioning themselves for the future? How do they differentiate themselves? And what capabilities are table stakes? We examine the capabilities that set high-performing manufacturers apart today, and likely will in the future.
  • 2014 industry outlook
    Challenges, trends and strategies that may shape your business in the coming year: Deloitte’s practice leaders weigh in.
  • Growth fuel: Rethinking trade spending in consumer products
    No CPG manufacturer is the same. But when it comes to trade strategy, there are far more similarities among leaders than differences. We’ve observed areas where leaders have had similar approaches. Read further for some fresh insights.
  • Popping the question: Is social media an effective way to engage employees?
    Social media is a lot of things to a lot of people. But is it a viable tool for employee engagement?
  • I have not yet begun to shop … or have I?
    Smarter phones, smarter shoppers and strategies for a new consumer perspective.
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