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  • Tech Trends 2014: Social activation
    The power of social activation is unleashed when others advocate an organization’s message in their own words to their network.
  • Moving beyond marketing: Generating social business value across the enterprise
    The 2014 MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte social business study reveals three drivers of social business maturity—and a strong connection between social business maturity and social’s value to the enterprise.
  • Unleashing the power of social activation
    Learn why companies should shift the focus of social engagement from counting “likes” to actively changing perceptions and promoting advocacy.
  • From invisible to visible to measurable
    Social media can help companies open communication channels up, down, and across the enterprise to gain data-driven insights and improve business outcomes.
  • Driving social business transformation
    Redesigning business processes in ways that harness the power of social tools requires the leadership and technological expertise that CIOs are especially qualified to provide. Read the CIO Journal article from The Wall Street Journal.
  • Big companies now have a hand in the collaborative economy
    Mobile, social, & geolocation technologies have propelled collaborative commerce well beyond the realm of bartering & tag sales to impact almost every consumer sector of the economy. Learn how big brands are starting to invest & partner to establish a foothold in the collaborative economy.
  • Social business: Taming compliance risks
    Without an eye toward compliance and governance risk, the social tools that CFOs see as fundamentally changing their business, could in fact harm it.
  • We’re #branchingout!
    Big news…Banyan Branch, a cutting-edge social media and digital agency, officially joins Deloitte Digital.
  • Power Play: The Social Spark
    In this Power Play, Deloitte provides a Digital Enterprise perspective on “Reengineering business intelligence” from Deloitte’s Business Trends 2013.
  • Mixing a tall postdigital cocktail
    The CIO of a global purveyor of wine and spirits deploys a potent mix of technologies to engage customers and transform internal collaboration.
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