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  • Social media and the Digital Enterprise
    Explore the findings of a recent Deloitte survey for risk professionals.
  • Is your organization guilty of hoarding data? Records management and the case for defensible destruction
    When does data retention become data hoarding? Tune in to this brief audio/visual presentation to learn how you can mitigate risk by doing retention right.
  • Digital risks and the role of Internal Audit: Moving toward the Digital Enterprise
    This short audio/visual segment discusses how Internal Audit can evaluate and manage the risks that accompany the convergence of analytics, mobility, cloud, social and cyber.
  • Internal Audit outsourcing: Meeting the evolving demands of the organization
    Increasingly stretched to do more with less, many IA functions are turning to outsourcing to help reduce costs, boost operational efficiency and achieve strategic goals.
  • Will risk rain on your move to the cloud? The role of Internal Audit in the Digital Enterprise
    As the shift to cloud computing extends the boundaries of the organization, Internal Audit can help the business assess and mitigate the associated risks.
  • Social media and the role of Internal Audit: Moving toward the Digital Enterprise
    Tune in to this brief audio/visual presentation to learn about key social media risks and how Internal Audit can help implement a risk intelligent approach.
  • IT Internal Audit: Auditing what matters
    In this brief audio/visual segment, learn how your IT internal audit function can keep pace with emerging technologies and offer greater value to the organization.
  • Reining in project risk: Predictive project analytics
    Predictive project analytics holds tremendous potential for helping organizations assess the likelihood of project success, improve overall project performance, and identify and implement quick fixes for projects and programs already underway.
  • The Internal Audit fraud challenge
    Economic uncertainty and changes to the regulatory landscape since 2010 have continued to push fraud risk to the front of company agendas. Deloitte UK’s "Internal Audit fraud challenge: Prevention, protection, detection" report seeks to uncover how these factors have influenced companies’ focus on fraud risk and understand what impact this is having on the role of internal audit.
  • Spreadsheet management
    Not what you figured. Spreadsheets underlie countless business functions - but how well are they managed?
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