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  • The three-minute guide to pricing analytics
    Learn how pricing analytics can help improve margins and deliver the insights required to take pricing strategies to the next level.
  • Adding insight to finance: Using analytics to improve public sector financial management
    Finance analytics can afford public organizations the means to improve transparency and transform their approach to decision making.
  • Analytics and the cloud
    Watch a presentation by Jeff Torstenson, director, Deloitte & Touche LLP – part of the Dash series on the impact of cloud adoption across the enterprise.
  • A delicate balance
    This Deloitte Review article discusses organizational barriers to evidence-based management.
  • Reining in project risk: Predictive project analytics
    Learn how analytics can help organizations assess the likelihood of project success and identify and implement quick fixes for programs already underway.
  • Analytics in retail
    Explore six key areas where retailers can apply analytics to drive value for their stakeholders.
  • The role of the CFO in an analytics-driven organization
    Leading chief financial officers (CFOs) are investing in analytics to gain ground on competitors and optimize spending.
  • Leveraging tax analytics to recover overpaid transaction taxes
    Learn how you can use state-of-the-art techniques, practices and software to conduct transactional data mining and data analytics.
  • The three-minute guide series on analytics: Turn insight into action
    Learn how analytics can help deliver deeper insights that can pave the way to more effective decision making.
  • Organizing analytics: Building an analytical ecosystem for today, tomorrow and beyond
    As more leaders develop their organization’s analytics capabilities, the debate becomes centered on how to manage them.
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