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  • The changing nature of mobility
    Does Gen Y want the keys to the car? The results of an extensive study paint a complex mosaic of opportunities and challenges for automakers, with a large and powerful consumer segment more willing than prior generations to forego vehicle ownership altogether.
  • 3D Printing: Additive manufacturing paths to performance, innovation and growth
    Additive manufacturing — popularly known as 3D printing — is a set of innovative technologies that offers the potential to transform manufacturing over the next decade.
  • Getting ahead of the “ripple effect”
    A framework for a water stewardship strategy.
  • M&A miniseries: Mergers and acquisitions operational synergies
    How can a right executive team and a detailed integration work plan help in the execution of a successful M&A? Find out in Part 3 of the M&A miniseries report.
  • Curbing global corruption risks in the automotive industry
    A perspective for reducing risk and improving global compliance and transparency through the application of anti-corruption-specific internal controls.
  • 3D opportunity for the automotive industry: Additive manufacturing hits the road
    New developments in additive manufacturing processes will likely benefit production within the automotive industry as well as alter traditional manufacturing and supply chain pathways.
  • The internet of things ecosystem: Unlocking the business value of connected devices
    Read about strategies ‒ to both enterprise adopters and IoT providers ‒ to unlock the business value of connected devices.
  • Overcoming speed bumps on the road to telematics
    Behavior-based telematics is disrupting the auto insurance market, challenging non-participating carriers to follow the lead of early adopters or look for new ways to level the playing field.
  • Acceleration of the connected experience – Vehicle connectivity and evolving customer expectations
    Know how automotive OEMs and dealers can use vehicle connectivity to improve customer experience through the use of connected technologies.
  • 3D Opportunity: The course on additive manufacturing for business leaders
    Register for an online course designed to help expand your knowledge of the business implications of additive manufacturing and inform your choices about how and where to invest in these technologies.
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