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  • Empower. Invest. Accelerate. Inclusive leadership as the missing link for advancing women
    Something is clearly missing from strategies to better empower and advance women to top-level positions in the private and public sectors. But what is it?
  • The true economic value of women
    In this Fast Company article, Deloitte LLP CEO Joe Echevarria stresses that investing in women is not about being a good corporate citizen, it is a business and economic imperative.
  • Weaving all the threads together
    A Q&A with Deloitte LLP Chief Inclusion Officer Deborah L. DeHaas.
  • Focus: The gender dividend
    Making the business case for investing in women.
  • Executive sponsorship: Friends in high places
    Why do so many women who excel at their jobs go unnoticed? Teaming up with an executive sponsor may be the key to advancing in your career.
  • Barbara Adachi on the importance of career sponsors
    During an interview on Good Morning America, national managing principal of Deloitte’s award-winning women’s initiative discusses the importance of career sponsorship in women’s advancement.
  • Women's Initiative blog
    Join our ongoing community conversation for an authentic discussion about life, work and everything in between. The WIN blog is a place to share stories, opinions, inner thoughts or just a good laugh.
  • Mass Career Customization
    This book by Cathy Benko and Anne Weisberg, Mass Career Customization, is a wake-up call to corporate America that the time is overdue for a shift in the workplace to better suit the increasingly diverse workforce.
  • Deloitte cited as "Model Employer" in "The Shriver Report"
    Women’s Initiative and Mass Career Customization cited as engines for innovation.
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