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  • Pricing and Profitability Management: A practical guide for business leaders
    This book is full of strategic advice as well as practice insight to help your organization in its efforts to improve pricing management capabilities.
  • Pricing analytics - The three-minute guide
    Analytics can lead the way on pricing and customer profitability.
  • The price of pricing effectiveness
    Is the view worth the climb? Read the Deloitte Review article to find out.
  • Sizing the prize
    How much value can pricing really deliver? Read our analysis of more than 100 projects to find out how long they took, what they delivered and where results came from.
  • Compile your fees wisely
    In Investors magazine Larry Montan, director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, shares his perspective on the importance of pricing for business performance and tips for winning over new customers.
  • The price is (more) right
    In this CFO article, Mike Simonetto discusses the importance of pricing and the corresponding role of CFO for getting the it right.
  • The price is right. Or is it?
    In this Wall Street Journal article, Julie Meehan talks about the objective of pricing and how business owners can better understand the true value of what they are selling.
  • Did you say “free”?
    What it takes to win in a world where “free” is the optimum price point by Mike Simonetto, Maggie Laird and Denys Aguirrebeitia.
  • How profitable are your customers … really?
    No company can afford a flawed understanding of customer profitability, least of all in a recession when the margin for error is whisper-thin.
  • The Price is Right... or is it?
    Banks are turning to pricing as a powerful lever to fuel profitable growth in lending, deposits and transaction services businesses.
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