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  • How the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act could impact international regulatory practices
    Companies in the food chain, from “farm to table”, should respond to these new FSMA regulations — some already enacted, and some that may be introduced over the next few years — to improve their overall food safety programs.
  • Compliance & Risk whitepaper - Compliance-Innovation: Enabling strategic growth
    James Cascone, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP and co-leader of the Center for the Global Food Value Chain comments on the role of compliance in strategic planning and innovation.
  • Staff vigilance: The first line of food defense
    Dr. Craig Henry, Deloitte & Touche LLP, is quoted in an article in Food Engineering magazine.
  • Deloitte Module in WSJ – CFO Journal: Conflict mineral rule - A silver lining for CFOs?
    Although the SEC’s Conflict mineral rule presents new compliance challenges for CFOs, efforts to comply with the rule may yield insights into opportunities for cost savings.
  • Taste of the nation: Resilient despite rain and races
    Together with BRDC we are pleased to announce the launch the fourth edition of Taste of the Nation - Resilient despite rain and races. For those executives who have experienced the changing dynamics of the going out sector, we hope this edition of our Taste of the Nation survey provides a valuable insight into how the business may evolve.
  • Case study: Efficiency with predictive analytics
    Organizations are streamlining standards management and rationalizing their compliance programs to minimize the cost of compliance and identify predictive indicators to reduce the likelihood of non-compliance.
  • Supply chain analytics: The three-minute guide
    This three minute guide to supply analytics will explain ways companies can fine-tune their supply chains in ways that weren't possible in the past.
  • Supply chain resilience
    Supply chain resilience provides a framework for identifying and analyzing all forms of supply chain risk.
  • Brand resilience: Seven steps for managing brand risk and recovery
    This paper talks about seven steps for managing brand risk and recovery and the requirement of considering Brand Risk as a part of the risk management program.
  • Destination 2025: Focus on the future of the food industry
    This white paper on the future of the food industry is one of six industry papers that explore the future of six markets of the global biosciences industry.
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