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  • CMO confidential: What CMOs talk about behind closed doors
    Learn how today’s leading CMOs are leveraging emerging technologies—mobile, social and analytics—to help understand, engage and influence customers, employees and even leaders.
  • Value Meter - How do pricing engagements measure up?
    In this three-part series, a Deloitte Consulting LLP team uses the results of an analysis of recent engagements and a benchmarking survey to answer questions about the underlying value of pricing to the enterprise.
  • In the news
    Pricing and Profitability Management and its authors have been featured in the national media.
  • Meet the authors
    Learn more about Julie Meehan, Larry Montan, Jr. and Mike Simonetto.
  • About the book
    Access chapter summaries and an excerpt of the book.
  • Pricing analytics - The three-minute guide
    Analytics can lead the way on pricing and customer profitability. This outline describes how pricing analytics can help improve margins and deliver the insights required to take pricing strategies to the next level.
  • Use analytics to pull the pricing lever
    Learn how advanced pricing analytics are helping companies mine real-time information for insight into price management, price leveraging and trade spend effectiveness.
  • Debate: Understanding the economics of a business: Top down or bottom up?
    Should you follow the lead of sophisticated investors and apply a value-based approach to managing your business? And if so, what’s the best way to do it?
  • Pricing and Profitability Management: A lever worth pulling
    Tune into this episode of Deloitte Insights to learn more about how companies can increase profitability through an effective pricing strategy.
  • Isn’t more analytics the answer to solve your pricing challenges?
    Analytics promises to deliver more data-based insights to pricing decision-makers. Is that all you need? Read the Debate.
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