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  • 2014 Property & Casualty insurance industry outlook
    Learn why innovation may be the ‘new normal’ for property and casualty insurers seeking long-term growth.
  • 2014 Life Insurance and Annuity industry outlook
    Discover why transformation is the most likely path to sustained long-term growth for life insurance and annuity carriers.
  • 2014 Insurance M&A outlook
    Deloitte examines the current state of global insurance industry M&A activity and the top issues facing companies in 2014.
  • Overcoming speed bumps on the road to telematics
    Discover how insurance companies may benefit from usage-based insurance, while navigating potential potholes or speed bumps.
  • Information rich, knowledge poor: Overcoming insurers’ data conundrum
    How can insurers realize the benefits of data as a strategic asset? Explore the challenges and potential solutions to mastering information management.
  • NAIC update: Summer 2014
    Read highlights and takeaways of the 2014 Summer NAIC meeting held in Louisville, KY.
  • Insurance regulation without boundaries
    Insurance regulation without boundaries examines the effect of international influence on domestic regulatory changes.
  • Closed blocks outsourcing - How life insurers can reduce cost and improve focus
    This paper looks at the challenge of servicing insurance closed blocks and analyzes the opportunity to outsource this process and derive greater operational efficiency.
  • The potential for flood insurance privatization in the U.S.
    Flood insurance theoretically presents a tremendous growth opportunity for private carriers, but is it worth the risk?
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