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  • Business Trends 2014: Navigating the next wave of globalization
    What is going on with the global economy? Nine critical trends that will influence your strategic priorities.
  • M&A Trends report 2014
    New M&A report highlights increased deal activity for corporate and private equity respondents and also reveals the factors that can help impact deal success.
  • The three-minute guide to M&A analytics
    Effective and consistent use of analytics in M&A can help companies make better decisions when the stakes are high and timeframes are compressed.
  • Top issues for banking M&A in 2014
    The search for growth and scale could generate a steady pickup in bank M&A deal volume during 2014.
  • Sell-side considerations for a cross-border divestiture
    Cross-border divestitures in an increasingly globalized environment. What considerations should sellers be mindful of?
  • Evolution through dis-integration
    Learn how the future of the financial services industry will be shaped by dramatic changes in the value chain.
  • The definitive M&A IT playbook
    Read M&A Information Technology Best Practices for guidance to improve the strategy, planning, and execution phases throughout your M&A transaction.
  • Beating the Odds: How companies can improve value through M&A
    Companies pursing an M&A investment should develop appropriate strategies and carefully execute them to improve shareholder value. Read the full report.
  • Nonprofit mergers
    Struggling nonprofits could find relief by sharing resources, collaborating, or even merging with other nonprofits. Such opportunities might soften the impact of ongoing economic challenges and afford nonprofits improved operational efficiencies.
  • Bridging the gap: M&A
    Directors and CFOs agree on deal strategy, but differ on each other’s performance related to M&A deals.
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