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  • Human Capital Trends: Clouds in the forecast
    Cloud computing has created virtually limitless options of how and where work is done, which in turn has created a number of challenges and opportunities for human resources leaders.
  • The Affordable Care Act, the deficit, and the recovery of the U.S. economy
    The Affordable Care Act, the deficit, and the recovery of the U.S. economy – how are these linked and what might their relationship mean to the future of health care?
  • The inevitable rise of the CMO in the era of the empowered customer
    Chief marketing officers (CMOs) are leading the way when it comes to turning big data into big opportunities.
  • CFO Signals: A review of Q2 with a look ahead to Q3
    According to the latest CFO Signals™ survey, the rising optimism chief financial officers (CFOs) felt in the first quarter of 2012 was largely erased in the second quarter.
  • Practicing innovations in health care delivery
    Accountable care organizations are fundamentally changing the way health care is delivered.
  • Value-based pharmaceutical pricing
    To transition from volume-based models to value-based pricing, companies must start with the basics.
  • Business and technology: Trending the trends
    Individually, technology trends such as mobility, cloud computing, analytics and gamification are making organizations more efficient. When these capabilities collide, however, they can potentially reshape operating models, business models – and even industries and markets.
  • How trendy are financial services?
    Social business, mobility, gamification – it seems technology buzz words are proliferating faster than you can figure out how they apply to your business. In many ways, however, financial services are primed to take advantage of emerging trends.
  • Disruptive innovation in the public sector: What? Why? How? Now!
    To truly do more with less, government agencies must rethink how they approach challenges and embrace innovation.
  • The role of the CFO in an analytics-driven organization
    Leading chief financial officers (CFOs) are investing in analytics to gain ground on competitors and optimize spending.
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