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  • Corner Office Analytics: Crunchy questions for CXOs
    Business analytics used to be the domain of a few select teams buried deep in the business. But today, it's landed on the agenda of most CXOs. Check out our interactive Corner Office Analytics series to learn more about the analytics needs of senior leaders and how they intersect with one another.
  • What can Analytics do to improve your next investigation? Find out with Deloitte Diligence
    Increased regulatory scrutiny and heightened global levels of fraud and corruption have made it imperative for companies to step up their due diligence efforts. Watch this short video to learn how Deloitte Diligence can help your company to more effectively address compliance and risks associated with third-party relationships.
  • Fraud trends and steps in the fight
    Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP’s Prakash Santhana talks to Bank of America about fraud prevention and industry trends in this installment of BOA’s Fraud video series. Watch the video to learn more.
  • Data synthesis in fraud detection and prevention for telecommunications service providers
    Growing transaction numbers and advances in technology are increasing the potential for fraud attacks on the telecommunications industry. While many telecom service providers (TSPs) continue to use reactionary methods for detecting fraud, forward-looking industry players can reap the benefits of a data synthesis approach. Find out more about how this approach can strengthen fraud reduction and prevention efforts and potentially predict areas of vulnerability in this article.
  • Enterprise Fraud and Misuse Management: The analytical evolution of prevention
    From credit card companies to insurance providers to federal healthcare agencies, nearly any organization that makes large disbursements knows the frustration of the “pay and chase” cycle. Thanks to a new breed of analytical software and platforms that use a Big Data approach, organizations are now better poised to spot and stop fraud before the money leaves the organization.
  • Tipping the triangle
    By applying analytics to financial data within a proactive framework, fraud can be prevented, detected and mitigated to better manage financial risk.
  • Analytics Trends 2014 (And why some may not materialize)
    In 2014, eight business analytics trends will rule the day-or will they? Explore this interactive infographic to learn more.
  • Our take: Banking fraud
    What if you could head off fraud before it even happens? Enterprise fraud management (EFM) solutions apply advanced analytics that enable organizations to detect suspicious transactions in real time – or even prevent them from happening. Watch this installment of the Our Take video series, where we discuss how advanced analytics are helping to transform the way banks and other organizations manage risks related to fraud, waste and abuse.
  • An empirical analysis of the training and feature set size in text categorization for eDiscovery
    In this paper, we examine the factors impacting the training set in a predictive coding model. Find out how we determined that when it comes to the size of training sets, one size does not necessarily fit all.
  • Using analytics in banks
    The article discusses how contemporary data analytics can help banks enhance their continuous monitoring to help detect potential wrongdoing more quickly and efficiently, providing greater ability to take remedial action before whistleblowers and regulators spring into action. The article sets out four recommended actions.
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