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  • Post-election perspective: Results leave tax policy outlook uncertain in the short term
    The report looks at how the election results will shape the make-up of Congress and the congressional taxwriting committees in 2015.
  • Policy, politics and the prospects for tax extenders
    The report highlights the current status of efforts in the House and Senate to renew the expired tax extenders provisions; examines the political, procedural and policy reasons why these provisions remain in limbo nearly a year after they expired; considers what action lawmakers may take in the upcoming lame duck session; and provides a table that compares the competing House and Senate extenders proposals.
  • The Transformation of Tax: Something big is happening here
    Learn how Deloitte addresses what transformation means to today’s tax departments and what steps tax executives can take to effectively prepare for and undertake tax transformation
  • Business Traveler Management & Tax Compliance: Data analytics can lighten the load
    Learn how workforce analytics may help you proactively manage your business traveler population and related tax obligations.
  • International Core of Excellence (ICE) 2014 Country Essentials
    The ICE Country Essentials provide information on the tax rules in ICE countries, covering direct and indirect taxes and rates, tax basis and residency rules, plus forms of business organization, accounting standards and foreign exchange controls.
  • Risk Angles: Five questions on the impact of tax risk
    This issue of Risk Angles discusses five questions about the growing concern over tax risk and examines one of the drivers of that concern, FATCA.
  • Business succession planning: Preserving personal and family wealth
    Most everyone plans for retirement, but the process is different for business owners because the future of the company and an owner’s future personal finances are closely intertwined. This fourth volume in our Business Succession Planning series discusses key areas for consideration — including estate and gift taxes, life insurance planning, and investment portfolio strategy.
  • The 2014 Essential Tax and Wealth Planning Guide
    A year-round resource to focus on managing uncertainty.
  • Opening the black box: Five questions for your tax executive
    In this issue of CFO Insights, we will identify those topics and discuss how these conversations can lead to a stronger partnership between finance and tax.
  • Final regulations released on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”)
    The U.S. Treasury Department and the IRS have released final regulations on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Beginning in January 2013, FATCA requires U.S. and foreign financial institutions to annually identify and report their U.S. account holders.
  • The three minute guide to tax analytics
    Almost every organization can use tax analytics to potentially gain savings, cut costs, reduce tax risks, gain tax process efficiency, and enhance tax compliance.
  • Tax rate outlook for high-income individuals
    Analyzing the prospects of Congress changing tax rates on earned income and income from capital gains and qualified dividends, particularly as they apply to more affluent individuals.
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) resource library
    FATCA seeks to enforce reporting of U.S. held foreign accounts by mandating 30 percent withholding on U.S. source income (including gross sales proceeds), should any account holder or FFI not comply. Learn more.
  • Tax and spending implications of the federal deficit crisis
    Over the next decade, the gap between revenue and spending that would result from continuing current tax and spending policies appears unsustainable.
  • The essential tax and wealth planning guide
    Our guide and new addendum provide information for year-round tax and wealth planning in the midst of legislative uncertainty and increasing tax rates, including updated details following new tax cuts.
  • Congress extends the Bush tax cuts
    Congress has approved and President Obama has signed legislation that extends the Bush-era tax cuts for taxpayers across all income levels.
  • Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services
    Delivers a distinctive client experience through service offerings tailored to meet the needs of companies ranging from start-ups to those with up to $1 billion in revenues. Learn more.
  • Onshore jobs, offshore compliance: Tax provisions in the hiring incentives to restore Employment Act
    Learn about the tax implications of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act and how they may affect your organization.
  • Deloitte tax: Obama budget proposal resource center
    Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in Washington with our ongoing analysis of the proposed FY 2010 budget package.
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