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  • Deloitte named a leader in supply chain risk by Kennedy
    Deloitte has been named a global leader in the Kennedy Vanguard of Supply Chain Risk Management Consulting Providers in Kennedy’s Supply Chain Risk Management Consulting, 2012-2015 report covering the supply chain risk market.
  • The ripple effect
    The report takes a look at the numerous and evolving problems associated with supply chain risk, identifies those risks with the greatest impact, and proposes key attributes critical to achieving supply chain resilience.
  • The high-profit supply chain
    A resource-focused approach.
  • Managing rough waters
    Read this point of view to know how to steer a course to stability with commodity price volatility as the new norm.
  • Bouncing back: Supply chain risk management lessons from post-tsunami Japan
    Read the Industry Week article.
  • Supply chain management insights 2012
    In this article, Scott Sopher, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, shares his insights on the different elements of supply chain management.
  • Finding the weak links in global supply chain risks
    Watch the webcast replay.
  • Impact of the disasters in Japan on the U.S. manufacturing supply chain
    Read the article to learn more about the impact of the disasters in Japan on the global supply chain for manufacturers.
  • Delivering solutions: Life Sciences supply chain and operations
    Life Sciences Supply Chain overview helping clients address their most pressing business issues
  • Supply Chain Analytics: How hard should you squeeze?
    Explore the Deloitte debate.
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