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  • Become a leader of change: Managing through your company’s liquidity crisis
    Rudy Morando and Sugi Hadiwijaya, both senior managers with Deloitte CRG, give insight into managing a distressed company in a liquidity crisis in this ABF Journal article. Accepting the challenge and becoming a leader for change are important steps towards company rehabilitation. Rudy and Sugi discuss how having the right mindset and tools to address the challenge can be the difference between a successful recovery and a failed business.
  • Reaching beyond cost cuts and product delivery improvements
    Mid-market companies can benefit from recognizing the unique hurdles they may encounter as they strive to pursue growth opportunities, improve efficiency, raise capital, or attract and keep talent. This paper identifies common mid-market misfires, and how to avoid them.
  • Improving performance at the Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Watch our short video case study to learn how the Deloitte CRG team worked with the Las Vegas Review-Journal to help the newspaper improve its overall performance so it could continue to serve as a trusted source of news and information for the greater Las Vegas community.
  • Cash-flow pitfalls
    Cash/liquidity is as important to a company in a distressed situation as gasoline is to an automobile. Read this TMA Journal of Corporate Renewal article, co-authored by Sugi Hadiwijaya, and Rudy Morando, both senior managers with Deloitte CRG, to examine several liquidity pitfalls that management teams or turnaround professionals should be cognizant of and, if possible, avoid altogether.
  • EBITDA+: Short-term performance improvement analysis and solution implementation
    Deloitte CRG professionals excel in performance improvement, operational optimization and financial restructuring, with an emphasis on going beyond analyses to quickly implement solutions to improve results. With EBITDA+, our accelerated performance improvement methodology, Deloitte CRG can assist companies at any stage of the business cycle in identifying and prioritizing opportunities to improve profitability and liquidity within a few short weeks.
  • Another dangerous journey
    Many publishing companies are coming to terms with the digital era and slowing-down or ending their print editions. As publishers enter this black hole of digital, they need to correctly plan and implement the transition; and unfortunately many are not.
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