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  • FP&A: What's risk got to do with it?
    The practical application of risk-adjusted approaches within and across business units can help integrate strategic planning with risk and finance.
  • The full Monte Carlo: Common pitfalls and leading practices in the application of Monte Carlo simulation
    Learn how careful framing and data analyses, thoughtful selection, and communication of outputs may go a long way toward enhancing the quality of the decision-making process.
  • Minimizing goodwill impairment differences globally: No fast or simple solution
    A crucial exercise for acquisitive businesses is to routinely assess the goodwill booked in an acquisition to determine whether there has been any impairment and, if so, how much. Read the report to explore some of these issues for insights.
  • Divestiture survey report 2013: Sharpening your strategy
    Divestitures are becoming more a matter of strategy than survival. Deloitte surveyed executives regularly involved in divestitures to assess the past experience of their companies, their outlook for the future, and the challenges they face. Read our findings from the survey and insights from Deloitte’s experience in the marketplace.
  • Fiscal cliffhanger: Steps CFOs should consider now
    A look at some options that either closely held or publicly traded companies can potentially use to help offset fiscal cliff uncertainty.
  • Corporate Development 2012 – Leveraging the power of relationships in M&A
    Corporate development teams can make or break a deal’s value. Read our 2012 survey report for insights about how M&A professionals can think about reshaping their roles and partnering for success.
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