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  • Global Human Capital Trends 2014
    CEOs and HR leaders see talent as a major challenge to growth. Where should you focus? Our survey of 2,500+ organizations in 90+ countries reveals 12 critical trends shaping the human capital agenda.
  • 2014 global top five total rewards priorities survey
    In its 20th year overall (2nd year globally), the 2014 global top five total rewards priority survey finds employers still feeling the effects of the global talent squeeze. Finding, motivating and retaining talent remain the top HR challenges despite persistent unemployment.
  • The datafication of HR
    HR departments capture enormous amounts of data, but these typically stagnate in various systems and are rarely used for strategic purposes. It’s not that companies haven’t tried, with HR data warehouses and “HR analytics” teams that run reports. But the returns have been frustrating—until recently.
  • Disrupting the CHRO: Following in the CFO’s footsteps
    Much as CFOs evolved from their money-counter roots to become the CEO’s close strategic partner, CHROs are on the cusp of a transformation. It’s a role with administrative origins, focused on an asset whose scarcity has become among the biggest constraints on corporate growth.
  • The open talent economy infographic
    When talent is free to flow when and where it's needed, companies have more choices in how to staff appropriately to meet business needs. But with that choice, comes challenge. Explore the ins and outs of the open talent economy in our interactive infographic.
  • 2013 Study of Economic Assumptions
    This study compiled information disclosed by many of the Fortune 500 companies that sponsor pension or other postretirement benefits. The report discusses prevailing interest rates, measurement date, discount rate assumption, salary increase assumption, expected return assumption and health care cost trend rate assumptions.
  • High-impact talent analytics: Building a world-class measurement and talent analytics function
    Bersin by Deloitte research shows that companies with high-impact talent analytics realize improved financial, leadership and recruiting performance – but only 14 percent of organizations use advanced or predictive analytics to solve talent challenges. Learn more about how talent analytics – the ability to measure, monitor, analyze and improve your people practices – is critical to business success.
  • The open talent economy
    Welcome to the open talent economy—a new era in talent management. This collaborative, transparent, technology-enabled, rapid-cycle way of doing business has changed the talent landscape. Take in the new vista in this new report.
  • Is #talentbrand a good idea?
    The corporate brand has been faithfully fed and watered for years, but now another image-maker—the talent brand—is clamoring for attention. Is social media the right place to nurture it? Or is that a venue better left untapped?
  • Our take: Adopting analytics in HR
    Leaders need more than basic employee reports and peer benchmark data to align the enterprise’s human capital with the business strategy. Workforce analytics bridges the gap, providing the practical insight—and foresight—the HR function needs to fulfill corporate objectives.
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