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  • The balancing act: Applying analytics to gain a scale advantage
    Does analytics offer an advantage based on company size and the ability to scale, or is it just a new juggling act?
  • Cyber crime fighting
    Enterprises have to go on the offense to protect themselves from a rising tide of cyber crime. Collective intelligence and the application of human judgment supported by advanced security analytics can help.
  • Using data analytics to identify revenue at risk
    The revenue cycle is one area where the power of predictive and comparative analytics has the potential to help healthcare leaders improve margins.
  • The three minute guide to analytics for high-tech companies
    For high-tech companies, analytics offers a path—not just the technology, but a business-first approach that draws from the worlds of process, technology, and talent to generate results beyond what today’s business intelligence tools can deliver.
  • The three-minute guide to tax analytics
    Almost every organization can use tax analytics to potentially gain savings, cut costs, reduce tax risks, gain tax process efficiency, and enhance tax compliance.
  • Amplify the value of social signals across the business
    Companies that figure out how to integrate social signals into the decision-making processes across the enterprise first will be well ahead of the competition in removing unknowns and moving the needle on business performance.
  • Analytics advantage survey
    The results of our recent Analytics Advantage Survey are in. The survey was commissioned by Deloitte to better understand the state of analytics readiness at leading corporations today – and what the future may hold.
  • Using analytics in banks
    How contemporary data analytics can help banks enhance their continuous monitoring to help detect potential wrongdoing more quickly and efficiently, providing greater ability to take remedial action before whistleblowers and regulators spring into action.
  • The three-minute guide to advanced analytics
    Social analytics—tracking and interpreting customer sentiment and activity through the lens of their relationships with one another—has become a powerful tool not only for creating stronger relationships with a wider range of customers, but also for anticipating future developments that may affect organizational strategy.
  • “It’s Time”: A global supply chain video
    A quick look at the potential benefits and applications of analytics to achieve supply chain agility, speed, risk, and resiliency.
  • Real Analytics iPad app
    Welcome to the Real Analytics: Insights from Deloitte iPad app from Deloitte Analytics, where you can access a collection of analytics-focused content that spans market issues, functions and industry sectors. This free app, available from the Apple iTunes App Store, provides anyone interested in analytics content access to the latest thinking.
  • Business Trends 2013
    Strategy & Operation's inaugural trends report takes a closer look at eight emerging forces that are influencing how organizations’ think about their strategy. Take this opportunity to energize your strategic planning activities by exploring new ways of thinking about some of today's business trends.
  • Tech Trends 2013
    This year’s theme, Elements of postdigital, examines the broad impacts of five technology forces that have influenced our reports over the past several years – analytics, mobile, social, cloud and cyber.
  • Tax data analytics
    Around the globe, companies seek new ways to manage and meet evolving tax requirements. As new tax standards and requirements solidify, many businesses are left using decades-old, most often manual, processes to keep up with next-generation demands.
  • Open data – Driving growth, ingenuity and innovation
    The publication presents Deloitte's vision for open data – a subject that has, until now, been overshadowed unhelpfully by considerations of 'big data'. Open data is about much more than improving government transparency and it is now emerging from its silent revolution.
  • Adding insight to finance
    Finance analytics can afford public organizations the means to improve transparency and transform their approach to decision making.
  • Analytics in retail
    To avoid getting lost in all the numbers, retailers should demand more from their data. Learn about six key areas where retailers can apply analytics to drive value for their stakeholders.
  • No more ugly data
    Constant advances in graphic, mobile and Web technology make it possible to translate ‘big data’ into meaningful, impactful visual interfaces.
  • Mobile analytics
    Leading executives are demanding the ability to perform meaningful analytics activities from their mobile devices. Is your organization taking the right steps to integrate mobile analytics into the enterprise?
  • Workforce Analytics - Using advanced analysis to manage talent and risk
    Workforce analytics involves using statistical models that integrate internal and external data to predict future workforce and talent-related behavior and events.
  • A delicate balance
    A Deloitte Review article about the organizational barriers to evidence-based management.
  • Shaky Ground
    An analysis of recent survey results from Deloitte Consulting LLP and the Manufacturing Institute turns up some surprising insights into the talent gap. The highlights should be of interest to anyone whose business is affected by the fortunes of U.S. manufacturers.
  • Leveraging tax analytics to recover overpaid transaction taxes
    Learn how you can use state-of-the-art techniques, practices, and software to conduct transactional data mining and data analytics in order to recover erroneously paid taxes.
  • “Driver” CFOs may be in the driver’s seat
    The latest installment of the Deloitte Analytics Real Views series analyzes the survey data from a recent Deloitte CFO Signals survey to illustrate the current working styles of both CFOs and CEOs.
  • Emerging markets, emerging clarity
    Emerging markets are playing an increasingly large role in plans for many organizations. Insights from a recent Deloitte Consulting LLP survey of 400 executives from companies generating revenue in emerging markets are brought to life in a new infographic featured on Real Analytics Insights.
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