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  • Tech Trends 2014: Cloud orchestration
    CIOs should be making deliberate investments in developing advanced integration and data management capabilities to support cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-core models.
  • Tuning up for cloud orchestration
    By developing advanced integration and data management capabilities now, CIOs can lay the groundwork for the impending arrival of pre-integrated and orchestrated cloud solutions.
  • Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Race to the cloud
    Cloud-based HR technology promises to integrate people systems, enable learning and talent management, and reengineer recruiting. But massive adoption of new software is harder than it seems.
  • A promising future for cloud orchestration
    Integrating and managing cloud offerings is testing the mettle of IT departments. ERP and cloud vendors are experimenting with what could be a revolutionary offering: pre-integrated and orchestrated cloud services.
  • Mixing a tall postdigital cocktail
    The CIO of a global purveyor of wine and spirits deploys a potent mix of technologies to engage customers and transform internal collaboration.
  • A cloud-first approach to sourcing applications
    The pace of cloud migration is accelerating as providers offer more, and more mature, cloud-based apps. Even so, that does not preclude a careful assessment of app maturity before pulling the trigger.
  • CEOwn it: How do health care, hospitality and retail respond to postdigital disruption?
    Explore the findings from Deloitte’s recent survey on how mobile, social business, data analytics and cloud computing are reshaping strategies across the corporate landscape.
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