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  • Common good
    An interview with Lord Stephen Green, UK Minister for Trade and Investment
  • Did you say "free"?
    What it takes to win in a world where “free” is the optimum price point by Mike Simonetto, Maggie Laird and Denys Aguirrebeitia.
  • Charging ahead
    Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile, but his Model T influenced manufacturing for generations. The advent of the battery electric vehicle—sometimes viewed as an incremental change to an iconic product—may reshape the value chain and perhaps society.
  • Geeks, tweets and cash
    A conversation with Riley Crane of MIT Media Lab.
  • Post merger integration
    Much common wisdom surrounding post merger integration is anecdotal, at best. An empirical examination of one of the world’s largest PMI databases suggests a set of risk factors that help define risk profiles.
  • Survival of the Fattest
    The best performing firms have seen their profitability surge. The worst performing are doing worse than ever. In the middle, however, performance is in decline even as the asset base controlled by ever more mediocre firms.
  • On Convergence: A conversation with Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard
  • Diversity as an Engine of Innovation
    Retail and consumer goods companies find competitive advantage in diversity
  • China: Still Manufacturing’s Shining Star?
    For the past decade, China’s economic ascent has owed its existence to low production costs and a vast supply of labor. But its future appeal for manufacturers may hinge more on its growing domestic market and talent base.
  • How Profitable are Your Customers … Really?
    No company can afford a flawed understanding of customer profitability, least of all in a recession when the margin for error is whisper-thin.
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