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  • Deloitte’s 2014 global outsourcing and insourcing survey
    The results indicate that outsourcing as a business practice continues to see growth across all functions surveyed.
  • The value of global process owners in global business services
    This two-part article series examines the crucial role a global process owner can play in global business services. Read more.
  • Deloitte recognized globally for 4th consecutive year in The World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors for 2014
    IAOP’s ninth annual ranking recognizes Deloitte’s advisory capabilities.
  • Vendor Management Program Office
    The challenges in managing relationships with business units, multiple vendors and sourcing and procurement functions remain, however, that has not prohibited clients from exploring and successfully moving vendor management functions to offshore centers.
  • Where will shared services go next?
    In choosing a location for global service delivery deployment, shared services leaders literally have a world of options.
  • Our take on Service Delivery Transformation
    In this video, Deloitte leaders share their insights on the benefits of a Service Delivery Transformation business strategy and why it is a “hot topic” in today’s market.
  • Helping government deliver: Transforming mission and support services
    Read about the range of Federal service delivery approaches, key takeaways from case studies, and recommendations for organizations embarking upon the service delivery transformation journey.
  • Outsourcing amid complexity
    Outsourcing has become a standard worldwide business practice and management imperative. Learn more about how you can realize full value from an outsourcing program.
  • Global talent, global service delivery
    In this Power Play, Deloitte provides a Service Delivery Transformation perspective on “Emerging market talent strategies” from Deloitte’s Business Trends 2013.
  • Deloitte ranks number 1 in 2013 World's Best Outsourcing Advisors list
    IAOP's eighth annual ranking recognizes Deloitte's global advisory capabilities.
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