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  • CMO confidential: What CMOs talk about behind closed doors
    Learn how today’s leading CMOs are leveraging emerging technologies—mobile, social and analytics—to help understand, engage and influence customers, employees and even leaders.
  • From mad man to superwoman: The inevitable rise of the CMO in the era of the empowered customer
    Chief marketing officers (CMOs) are leading the way when it comes to turning big data into big opportunities. Watch this episode of Deloitte Insights to learn more.
  • The dawn of mobile influence
    Mobile is already having a major impact on store-based sales, and its influence is only increasing. New research from Deloitte explores just how impactful mobile may become -- and how to unlock its potential.
  • Fourth Annual eCommerce Assessment
    The use of digital channels is at a tipping point for widespread adoption throughout the retail value chain. Deloitte’s fourth annual assessment of the top 100 online retailers explores the trends and capabilities that are shaping the eCommerce marketplace.
  • Deloitte consumer review: Serving the connected consumer
    It provide an insightful and impartial view of selected consumer trends that we believe will have a significant impact on consumer businesses.
  • The case for wi-fi in the store
    Many retailers today are still missing out on an opportunity to increase customer engagement and conversion, and thus sales, because they have yet to install or enhance Wi-Fi in their stores.
  • Deloitte's annual holiday survey
    For 25 years, Deloitte has been monitoring consumer sentiment through an annual survey that gauges shoppers' expectations and intentions for the holiday season. What are Americans saying about their shopping plans this year?
  • Reinventing retail: A multi-channel transformation
    Everyone’s talking about multi-channel retailing. Is it really happening or is it hype?
  • Deloitte store 3.0™
    Deloitte’s Store 3.0™ provides an innovative, holistic approach to help retailers develop and realize a future-store vision.
  • Deloitte’s 2009 online retail business capability assessment
    E-commerce is becoming a major driver of growth in the current retail environment. More than ever, retailers depend on the online channel to grow their top line.
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