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  • Sell-side considerations for a cross-border divestiture
    Cross-border divestitures in an increasingly globalized environment. What considerations should sellers be mindful of?
  • Divestiture Survey Report 2013: Sharpening your strategy
    Divestitures are becoming more a matter of strategy than survival. Deloitte surveyed executives regularly involved in divestitures to assess the past experience of their companies, their outlook for the future, and the challenges they face. Read our findings from the survey and insights from Deloitte’s experience in the marketplace.
  • Sell-side considerations for middle-market companies
    What are some of the issues and challenges company owners face leading up to and during the sale process? What are some of the leading practices that can help a seller prepare for and execute a transaction that achieves their goals for deal value? Learn more here.
  • Carve-out financial statements: Tax considerations and complexities
    This report discusses key tax issues arising from a divestiture.
  • Sellers, conditions are ripe: Time to take a bite at the apple
    This article features insights on the current M&A and tax environments and discusses some strategic opportunities available to companies seeking liquidity.
  • Corporate Development 2012 – Leveraging the power of relationships in M&A
    Corporate development teams can make or break a deal’s value. Read our 2012 survey report for insights about how M&A professionals can think about reshaping their roles and partnering for success and also for a special section dedicated to divestitures.
  • Corporate development 2011: Scanning the M&A horizon
    Deloitte mid-year M&A survey: Three in five expect deal activity to increase.
  • Divestiture survey report
    With rising expectations of the economy to improve in 2011, should we expect an increasing number of divestitures? What are the drivers behind companies’ decisions to divest? How successful are they in meeting expectations?
  • Divestitures and carve-outs: Becoming a prepared seller
    The article outlines some of the major challenges and surprises that a CFO may face as part of a divestiture and some leading practices en route to becoming a prepared seller to maximize transaction and enterprise value.
  • Divestiture M&A news
    Read the August 2011 edition.
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