Half The Battle: How CIOs Can Generate Business Value from Human Networks


Organizations today are working hard to get more value from the free-flowing business and social networks that exist outside traditional hierarchical boundaries. Employees work across the organization chart and beyond to reach shared goals. Innovation initiatives engage a wide range of employees — as well as partners and customers. This dynamic goes by many names. We call it the power of netcentricity.

While netcentricity is enabled by technology, it also relies on having the right people, policies, and processes in place. As such, technology is only half the battle. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) today must use unfamiliar approaches and tools to create successful netcentric organizations.

This booklet shares the most important steps you’ll need to consider in handling the "people side" of technology. These considerations come from many years of experience working both in government and the private sector.

Harnessing the power of netcentricity can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any business operation — these are the results any CIO should be seeking. 


Harry D. Raduege, Jr.
Lieutenant General, USAF (Ret)
Chairman, Deloitte Center for Cyber Innovation

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