Straight Talk Series

Consulting exposed!

With the publishing of Your Secret Weapon, our Straight Talk series started a movement in the consulting industry. With several books now complete — including passages like: "Most of what you've been told about Customer Relationship Management is wrong. Nobody was lying. It just seems that an astounding number of experts had inflated expectations" — the series has raised more than a few eyebrows and created a variety of imitators.

The basic premise of the series is simple: For far too long, the consulting industry was filled with hyperbole and consulting jargon. We decided it was time to expose the truth and begin talking straight about important business and industry issues. The goal was to make the experience of working with consultants more positive and productive. We also decided to poke fun at ourselves and our industry along the way.

Straight Talk Books

Book No. 11: Buckle Up (On the road to IFRS)
Learn the changes, opportunities and challenges associated with managing a transition from U.S. GAAP to IFRS.
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Book No. 10: The Chemistry of Talent (New Ways to Think about Talent and Work)
How the right talent elements combine to form the winning combination.
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Book No. 9: M&A Lies (And why they're sometimes true)
Why do many deals fail to deliver their expected value?
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Book No. 8: Growing Confidence
The smart way to manage governance, risk, and compliance.
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Book No. 7: Breathing Lessons
How CFOs can thrive under pressure.
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Book No. 6: The Value Habit
A practical guide to creating value.
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Book No. 5: A Capital Idea
Why it just might make sense to do more than Sarbanes-Oxley mandates.
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Book No. 4: How to Get the Most out of that Bird in Your Hand
Ten tips for growing profitable revenue with the customers you already have.
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Book No. 3: Outward Bound
A practical guide to building an extended enterprise, and the adventures you'll encounter along the way.
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Book No. 2: How to Eat a CRM Elephant
And other tips on what to do when you bite off more than you can chew.
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Book No. 1: Your Secret Weapon
A field guide to choosing, using, and — if necessary — excusing your consultant.
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