Transcript: Rebecca Amoroso

I started in the actuarial profession, and I think, what that did for me is it helped me truly understand the underpinnings of how an insurance company operates and works. I think, also because actuaries are such an integral part of the insurance industry, it kept me in the insurance industry my entire career and I have been in the insurance industry now for 30 years. When I am putting a team together, I want to put a team together that is diverse, and that diverse means having diversity of thought and I think, there is a lot of power when you go to see a client and your team is diverse and you have women, you have men, you have people of all ethnic backgrounds, and I think that there is a natural bonding that can go on. I think, that is a differentiator for us.

Some of the new services that we see companies very interested in have to do with social media. We are seeing a lot of interest in terms of helping companies develop their strategy, helping them understand what are the benefits and what are the risks associated with social media. We see this as a newer more emerging service offering that we will be getting more and more attention as time goes on.
These are my cats, Mojo and Maggie. My husband and I could not have children, so about eight years ago, we decided that we would take some kittens. We went to the shelter and we took these two adorable kittens. They are the love of our lives. They have added so much to our life.

What really makes Deloitte special to me and why I have been here for 25 years is the people and it is the culture. I think, people are great team to work with. They know how to team, they know how to be collaborative. We work hard and we have a lot of fun.