Deloitte Debates

This series examines today’s most pressing business issues from many angles. The Debates offer a healthy discussion of options, immediate impacts and long-term consequences. The following Debates address some of your technology-related concerns.

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  • Public Cloud Adoption: Are Integration Concerns Valid?
    Potential cost savings and increased agility are leading to an increase in the rate of public cloud adoption. Yet, some CIOs are resisting this trend, citing concerns over integration and security. Should these concerns be a barrier to adoption?
  • The Balancing Act: Applying Analytics to Gain a Scale Advantage
    Does analytics offer an advantage based on company size and the ability to scale, or is it just a new juggling act?
  • ERP for IT: Ready for Primetime?
    With no truly integrated suite of applications to integrate the ad-hoc processes, workarounds, and siloes that define many IT environments today, how can CIOs achieve uniformity, scale, and efficiency?
  • Hitting Back at Hackers: Do Two Wrongs Make a Right?
    If your organization is hit by a cyber-attack, turning the matter over to the authorities is the appropriate course of action. But, if you’re able to stop the attack yourself by taking out the hacker’s servers, should you hit back at the hackers?
  • When Crafting Corporate Strategy, Should Social Business be Bolted On or Baked In?
    Many companies recognize that social business offers new tools and rules for competing in the marketplace. But should social strategy be integrated into the overall corporate strategy? Or should it stand alone?
  • People or Strategy: When Designing a New Organization, Which is the Best Place to Start?
    When designing an organization structure, you can focus on the people you already have, and then figure out how to organize them; or you can design the organization around your business strategy. Both approaches have their supporters and detractors.
  • Supply Chain Analytics: How Hard Should You Squeeze?
    New tools and disciplines now make it possible to drill deeper into supply chain data in search of savings. Is more analysis better?
  • M&A Integration: Fast or Slow?
    Since an integration plan usually identifies the desired end state early on – why delay the process of getting there? When is faster better? When does patience pay off?
  • Lead or Follow - Should Life Sciences Companies Invest in Electronic Health Records or Wait?
    For life sciences companies, is it better to start investing now to help develop EHR standards and capitalize on the potential benefits? Or wait and then follow the crowd?
  • Energy Efficiency: Crisis or Catalyst?
    Energy efficiency hasn’t received as much attention as other cost reduction areas and the improvement opportunities have barely been tapped, so the potential savings may be significant.