Mergers & Aquisitions

Deloitte Debates

This series examine today’s most pressing business issues from many angles. The Debates offer a healthy discussion of options, immediate impacts and long-term consequences. The following Debates address some of your M&A-related concerns.

Featured Insights

  • High Stakes Merger Integration: Is Leadership’s Primary Role to Mitigate Risks or Capitalize on Opportunities?
    Would leaders improve the odds of creating value by focusing on risks associated with a mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) transaction? Or by generating strategic opportunities to seize the moment?
  • M&A Integration: Fast or Slow?
    Since an integration plan usually identifies the desired end state early on – why delay the process of getting there? When is faster better? When does patience pay off?
  • The Growth–Profitability Trade Off: Method or Myth?
    Whether or not you’re a believer in “green shoots,” it’s likely you’re watching closely for signs of an upswing. But can you pursue meaningful growth without sacrificing the next quarter’s numbers?