Dbriefs for Tax Executives

Tax Executives | International Tax

Global Tax and Treasury Strategy: A New Approach for Pursuing and Retaining Value in a Fast-Changing World
November 20 | 2:00 PM ET | (19:00 GMT)
A new approach for developing global tax and treasury strategy is evolving as a result of internal and external changes. What should you know? Learn how global organizations are leveraging change to create sustainable value.
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Business Strategy & Tax

M&A Update: Important Tax Issues and Opportunities to Consider
December 04 | 2:00 PM ET | (19:00 GMT)
Organizations are seeing an uptick in merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in today's more vibrant market. How can companies address inherent tax aspects and better prepare themselves before a deal commences? Learn how leading organizations prepare for M&A deals and explore how tax may be impacted by these strategies.
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Now Trending: Eight Technology Developments Impacting Business in 2015
December 09 | 2:00 PM ET | (19:00 GMT)
With the rate of technology change continuing to increase exponentially, the way businesses operate is being irreversibly transformed. What emerging technology-enabled trends have the potential to reshape companies, business models, and even entire industries in the next 18 months? Hear results of Deloitte research to understand emerging technology trends and ways to harness their disruptive power.
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Financial Reporting for Taxes

YearEnd Update and Hot Topics
December 15 | 2:00 PM ET | (19:00 GMT)
New tax legislation, standardsetting developments, and regulatory matters can potentially impact a company's financial accounting and reporting of income taxes. What are the latest changes that may affect your organization and what financial reporting matters may be important for you to consider? Gain valuable insights on the latest developments and their impact on financial reporting for taxes.
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Tax Operations

Managing Intercompany Transactions: The Giant Risk No One May Own
December 18 | 2:00 PM ET | (19:00 GMT)
Businesses often struggle to manage intercompany transactions, potentially creating significant risks that can lead to financial statement and tax exposure. How are leading companies bringing order to the chaos? Learn through real world examples how leading companies are addressing this complex area of risk.
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