Mass Career Customization

Aligning the workplace with today’s nontraditional workforce

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In a time when you can select your own music playlist with iTunes®, align your credit card billing cycle with your cash flow, and order M&Ms® with custom slogans and colors, it is really no surprise that today’s knowledge workers are clamoring for careers that provide options beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of the corporate ladder.

Sweeping changes in demographics, attitudes, and family structures have been redefining the workforce for more than two decades — yet the workplace has remained much the same. Mass Career Customization is a wake-up call to corporate America that it’s high time for a shift in the workplace to better suit the increasingly diverse workforce.

This book provides an incisive analysis of what’s really happening on the talent front,  and a comprehensive framework and approach for organizations to continuously match employees’ needs and evolving life circumstances with the needs of the business. 

As the working population continues to shrink, maintaining industry advantage depends on keeping employees engaged and connected. Mass Career Customization provides a solution for organizational adoption that will do just that.

“Finally, a book recognizing that the needs of today’s knowledge workers are far from a women-only issue. Mass Career Customization provides an incisive analysis of what’s really happening on the talent front and a comprehensive approach of what to do about it.”

—Shelly Lazarus, Chairman & CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

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