Tax Management Consulting for a Global Bank

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A global bank needed to migrate tax-related activities from the United States to a new, company-operated facility in an offshore site. While mapping out its strategy for the migration, the organization also recognized the need for more optimized systems and processes when the tax function began operating in the new location. Deloitte helped the client retool its tax processes to achieve greater consistency and efficiency while restructuring its U.S. tax staff to meet the unit's objectives. We also provided the company with tax policy design support as the company wanted to better align with domestic and international regulations. In addition, we designed and conducted training for employees in the new location in order to help them undertake their new responsibilities as quickly as possible.

The Challenge

Initially, the client sought support from Deloitte on migrating activities from the United States to the offshore location. Before long, the organization realized it needed a more in-depth review of its tax department – how it is structured, how it works, who does the work, and what skills are needed – in migrating critical tax function activities to the offshore site.

How We Helped

In addition to supporting the organization with several facets of the planned migration, Deloitte professionals conducted an in-depth process assessment from which we developed recommendations to improve the company’s various tax processes, data integration, and other areas critical to a high-performing tax function. In addition, we delivered a range of services, including design of tax policies and procedures, development of standard rule papers, and project management. In later phases of the engagement, we supported the tax function’s migration to a shared services center overseas. We also designed and conducted training for the company’s tax professionals located in both the new offshore site and the United States.

Why Deloitte? The client was impressed by Deloitte’s experience and success in creating an offshore shared services center. Our comparable internal processes presented the client with a suite of leading practices – tested over a period of years – that could be implemented quickly.


The company has achieved its goals for the offshore migration and today many of the tax function activities are performed in the new off-site facility. Several indirect benefits have delivered added value to the client. Specifically, our organizational design process helped the company adopt a more streamlined – and consistent – approach to structuring its staff and U.S. tax processes. What’s more, the client has a clearer picture of its human capital needs and is more closely aligned with global regulations.