Large Health and Medical Insurance Provider Implements Enterprise Information Management System



A large direct health and insurance medical provider needed an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system to enable enterprise-wide information management and support the effective use of data for critical cross-functional decision making. In addition, the client needed to resolve issues related to data redundancy, inconsistency and unnecessary expenditure.

The Challenge

The client faced information challenges that, in our experience, are common to many carriers in the health care market. Company data resided in multiple sources and was developed for department-specific use, with limited enterprise access. In addition, departments created varied data definitions and data was being managed by multiple departments within the company.

To meet the client’s information needs, Deloitte Consulting LLP conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current information management and intellectual capital, and assisted the client in creating plans to develop and implement the data warehouse EIM system architecture. This included effectively managing the scope, planning, delivery and rollout of the EIM system to help the client achieve desired results.

How We Helped

Deloitte Consulting worked closely with the client and helped accomplish the following tasks:

  • Guided the client through the requirements gathering phase to determine strategic business questions from all functional areas
  • Identified key corporate drivers based on strategic goals
  • Developed key metrics for each functional area that were mapped to corporate drivers
  • Managed the testing phase to prepare the client for user acceptance

We also initiated and facilitated a series of activities to help the client adopt the new processes and generate anticipation for future releases. These included "Lunch and Learn" workshops, relevant training for users at different levels, user group meetings and the development of an adoption approach to help bring about positive change and awareness within various business units.


The health and insurance provider still faces some information management challenges, but Deloitte Consulting helped the client achieve its milestones and deliver key functionality across multiple releases. Furthermore, Deloitte Consulting initiated the implementation of key processes to help the client carry forward the enhancement and maintenance of data warehouse in the future. Deloitte Consulting leveraged leading practices and applied past experience and knowledge in the development and rollout of these processes.