Health & Human Services: Integrated Eligibility and Service Integration

Deloitte’s Eligibility and Service Integration market offering specializes in helping agencies improve how they determine eligibility and deliver health and human services programs such as Medicaid/State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), Food Stamps (SNAP), Child Care and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). Deloitte’s services and solutions focus on all aspects of these programs, including eligibility determination, case management, customer service, reporting, performance measurement and service integration. Deloitte helps its health and human service clients integrate and use new technologies that help them reduce costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

Services and Solutions 

  • Business Process Renewal and Roadmap Development 
    Assists you in developing efficient business processes based on eligibility and self-service leading practices. Drives value and productivity by re-engineering core processes and developing more efficient service delivery models.
  • Application Development and Maintenance 
    Assists you by providing business-focused software resources to develop, enhance and/or maintain applications to support your program. Also provides capability to transfer public domain applications from other states.
  • Case Management and Model Office Assessments 
    Assists you in identifying process and technology improvements to local and central office operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.
  • Technology and Software Integration Services
    Assists you in integrating business applications, including customizable-off-the-shelf (COTS) packages, to facilitate data sharing and provide enhanced automation support to central and local office staffs.
  • Training and Change Management Services 
    Assists you in identifying, planning and executing strategies for implementing business and technology changes in your organization that improve adoption, drive productivity and reduce the risks of change.
  • Legacy System Modernization Services 
    Assists you in developing a roadmap for incrementally renewing your legacy business systems, with a focus on re-leveraging existing information technology (IT) assets, but also adopting technology that improves productivity and reduces costs.
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance
    Assists you by providing specialized project management professionals that can help you successfully implement large-scale projects across multiple internal and external stakeholder groups.
  • Program Evaluation and Analysis
    Assists you in analyzing the overall performance of your health and human service program and leveraging leading practices from around the nation to improve performance and policy compliance, reduce benefit errors and improve overall customer service delivery.

Eligibility and Service Integration Leaders 

Wade Horn
National Eligibility and Service Integration Lead
Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Bob Stauffer
Deloitte Services LLP

Cindy Konieczny
Business Development Manager
Deloitte Services LLP

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