360 Degree View


When all transactions are aggregated into a 360° view of the guest, the hotel or resort can execute targeted marketing at all touch points. When exploited correctly, a 360° view makes the staff aware of the guest and eager to serve. An immersive guest experience creates a unique brand: at all points, guests receive messages that boost the brand experience. As guests respond, the company gets to know each one better. Over time, the service delivery is more and more customized and personalized, thereby enhancing guest loyalty and potentially boosting revenue.

Service innovation is perhaps the best way for any hotel or resort, new or established, to promote a distinctive brand and create an edge. To plan and implement the business processes, technical infrastructure, and operating models required for service innovation is a painstaking process; yet, failing to do so could mean a precipitous decline in a fiercely competitive industry.

When one company innovates, the game changes. When one company gains a 360° view of its guests, competitors could seem blind by comparison. And when one company achieves a “win-win” loyalty program that makes guests feel truly valued, competitors could be quickly left behind. Service innovators are making their brands the #1 choice of consumers looking for an engaging, genuine experience. And that’s the new standard for hospitality in the 21st century.

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