Making the Right Call

Real-time customer insight and foresight with analytics



A large wireless telecommunications company was having difficulty leveraging its vast stores of data for timely customer analytics. They were also concerned with increasing subscriber churn rates and a troubling trend toward decreasing wallet share. Deloitte served by architecting a business-led strategy that implemented several platforms on which the company could collect, store, and analyze data from across millions of customers and billions of transactions to achieve real-time marketing effectiveness.

The Challenge

Big data is becoming increasingly critical to generate unique market insights for consumer oriented companies. This company is no exception. The company has sizeable volumes of data but no way to perform meaningful analysis on that data. They were facing problems with data latency as well, with an imposed reporting lag time of 45 days on current operational data. The company requires more current data to generate insight for analysis to help them better understand their customer base and open new markets. They also need to integrate new CRM competencies to stave off churn. They also desire foresight capabilities to explore how to shape new revenue streams and capture more aggressive market share.

How We Helped

Deloitte helped the company craft a solution using the SAP HANA platform, which is an in-memory solution designed to deliver versatility and near real-time analytics. With the insight that real-time data fed into analytics engines can provide, the company is able to better understand — and proactively respond to — customer actions by serving up timely incentives and offerings, via multiple channels, such as text messages or target electronic advertising with relevant coupons. The solution can also enhance the ability for company business analysts and functions to perform scenario-based analyses and campaign simulations in real-time, using live customer and established campaign data — thus opening the possibility for discovering new markets.


The solution was strategy led and technology fed, and it is envisioned to be a game-changer that can help the organization gain a competitive edge in an increasingly saturated market. First, they expect that data lag will be reduced from the current 45 days, to facilitate operation in near real time. The company also anticipates that the solution will empower the marketing and channel organization group to contrast its market performance against relevant KPI’s and develop more precisely targeted campaigns, based on that performance. Finally, using the solution, the company will launch an effort to exploit social media. By leveraging social media, the company may better understand customer sentiment to achieve more effective CRM, respond more quickly to customer issues, and efficiently monitor the success of its marketing campaigns.