The Elements of Value Network Alliances

Strategies for building alliance partnerships

Elements of Value Network AlliancesToday, the number of corporate alliances continues to rise — by as much as 25 percent a year — and now accounts for nearly a third of many firms’ revenues and value. Yet some studies suggest that the failure rate of alliances stands at an incredible 60–70 percent.* This troubling statistic prompts many questions about why so many firms struggle to generate success from an "open" alliance strategy. For instance,

  • What are the general concerns with how open-based network alliances are structured?
  • Can the implementation of an alliance strategy be simplified?
  • And how can alliances consistently deliver value?

Focused on the formation and structure of alliance partnerships, this initial study, titled "The Elements of Value Network Alliances — Strategies for Building Alliance Partnerships," seeks answers to these questions and provides insights on determining the elements of value network alliance partnerships.

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*Hughes, J. and Weiss, E. (2007), “Simple rules for making alliances work,” Harvard Business Review, 85: 122-131

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