At the Core

Examining issues and trends keeping semiconductor executives up at night

The semiconductor landscape is changing. Macro forces such as slowing PC sales, intense competition in the mobile space and the growth of the diverse embedded systems market are contributing to a range of challenges keeping semiconductor executives up at night. This series of brief videos will explore these issues and discuss strategies — tailored to the full spectrum of semiconductor leaders — to weather the storm of market disruption and capitalize on the new opportunities that result from change.

us_tmt_Marketdisruption_250x134_012714 At the core of semiconductor market disruption
Adapting to evolving market dynamics to gain competitive edge
Learn how semiconductor CEOs who challenge their organization to think differently about people, processes and systems will start down the path of changing their cultural DNA.

us_tmt_Forecast_250x138_012714 At the core of forecasting effectiveness
Improving accuracy in semiconductor forecasting
Learn how CFOs can look beyond the standard measures to focus on end user demand forecasting, operational forecasting and long-term contracting to make sales forecasting more effective.

us_tmt_IP_Protection_250x112_012714 At the core of intellectual property protection
Safeguarding semiconductor trade secrets in an increasing digital world
Learn what companies can do to safeguard their most precious trade secrets in a time of heightened alert.

us_tmt_Innovation_250x121_012714 At the core of innovation
Looking beyond product innovation to semiconductor business model and customer experience innovation strategies
Learn how semiconductor companies can look beyond product innovation to other types of innovation in order to differentiate themselves and retain their competitive edge.

us_tmt_Marketing_250x134_012714 At the core of marketing effectiveness
Elevating marketing’s impact across the broader semiconductor organization
Explore how semiconductor Chief Marketing Officers have the potential to elevate their position in the company further to impact — not just marketing activities — but also the operations of the broader organization.

us_tmt_HumanResources_250x123_012714 At the core of human resources & talent trends
Transforming semiconductor HR challenges into opportunities
Learn how Chief Human Resources Officers can meet the competency and leadership requirements of an evolving market — all while driving efficiency and broader business capability — and position their companies for success in the new market environment.

us_tmt_Chancompliance_250x136_012714 At the core of channel partner compliance
Combating revenue leakage throughout semiconductor distribution channels
Learn what are some of the major areas of risk along the semiconductor channel partner value chain and in particular, what finance and/or internal audit professionals can do to protect their margins.

us_tmt_Research_and_development_250x136_012714 At the core of R&D efficiency
Maximizing return on development in semiconductor research and development
Learn how your company can adeptly manage all the moving parts of the development machine and how it can accurately measure the performance factors needed to achieve financial growth.