Water stewardship

A matter of business value and risk



Most of us take the widespread availability of water for granted – but for business leaders, that can be a costly mistake. Water scarcity is already an issue in many emerging economies; global demand for water has doubled over just the past 50 years, and investors are beginning to demand greater transparency in corporate water management practices. Global competition for access to water is poised to become one of business’s high-profile risks—as well as an opportunity for those who are prepared.

A new article from Deloitte, “Water stewardship: A matter of business value and risk,” explores ways a company can pursue the opportunities and proactively manage the risks by:

  • Uncovering potential business opportunities in the form of new products and services that may be driven by increased competition for water
  • Demonstrating brand leadership by seizing the opportunity to meet a shared challenge and build strong relationships with key stakeholders
  • Identifying and mitigating the current and potential risks that lack of adequate water access across the value chain might pose to the organization

Learn how an effective water stewardship strategy may help corporate leaders strengthen their business continuity planning efforts, foster innovation, and protect and increase brand value.