Alternative thinking 2011: A look at 10 of the top issues and trends in renewable energy


GE&R’s latest Top Ten report and inaugural Renewables Top Ten was launched yesterday at the World Energy Congress in Montreal. Each issue was authored by a different practitioner from a different geography – all are attributed at the end of each section.

  • Navigating uncertainty: Where next for government and regulators? Joe Stanislaw, Deloitte US
  • Many companies will be bought this year; is your one of them? Jean-Michel Gauthier, Deloitte France
  • Funding: Got any money? Roman Webber, Deloitte UK
  • Taking a long hard look at environmental and social impacts – Duane Newman, Deloitte South Africa
  • Capital programs: Supersize renewable energy – Michael Rath, Deloitte Australia
  • Moving to clean energy to create new jobs with specialist skill sets – Carlos Lloveras, Deloitte Argentina
  • Oil and gas vs. renewable energy: Friends or foe? Kalpana Jain, Deloitte India
  • Engaging customers to embrace the trilemma – Hannes Reinisch, Deloitte Middle East
  • Large in resources, short on infrastructure – Bonnie Yi Zhang, Deloitte China
  • Development of the supply chain: the weakest link? Jane Allen, Deloitte Canada


There has already been a lot of media attention to this report. You can find the press release at and the full report at .