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  • Oil and water can mix
    Oil and water can mix: Moving toward water stewardship in the oil and gas industry examines how oil and gas companies working together with local communities can develop water strategies which may allow everyone to obtain water in the volumes they need and at the quality they require.
  • 2014 Deloitte Oil & Gas Survey
    Since 2012, the United States has experienced the largest two-year increase in oil production in history. Deloitte’s 2014 Oil & Gas Survey reveals not only the underlying positivity of the industry, but also quantifies how this sense of optimism has grown since the 2012 Deloitte survey, Public opinions on shale gas development.
  • Oil & Gas Financial Journal September issue: Navigating the new realities
    New technologies have revolutionized how U.S. land-based exploration and production companies drill for hydrocarbons, thus exponentially increasing the amount of information generated. The industry is seeing a dramatic rise in the complexity of data and requires more sophisticated systems to manage it. This article explores how companies can best address outdated data management systems and maximize value in the process.
  • US Shale: A game of choices
    An interactive community of value chains – an ecosystem – can help oil and gas companies effectively manage the rapidly evolving shale market in the United States.
  • Oil & Gas Mergers and Acquisitions Report – Midyear 2014
    For the oil and gas industry, the first half of 2014 saw a continuation of many of the trends present in 2013 – the development of resources rather than the acquisition of new ones. This report covers deals from the past six months by industry sector and reveals the insights of Deloitte mergers and acquisitions specialists on what is driving activity in the oil and gas industry.
  • The challenge of renaissance: Managing an unprecedented wave of oil and gas capital projects
    This report reveals the insights of Deloitte Capital Projects specialists on the variety and magnitude of the key challenges the industry needs to address to capitalize on the opportunities of their successes.
  • The rise of the midstream: Shale reinvigorates midstream growth
    This report provides Deloitte’s insights on the midstream sector’s path from growth boom to maturity over the next two decades, which will ultimately lead to the rise of the midstream major.
  • Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014: A look at the top issues facing the oil and gas sector
    The 2014 Oil and Gas Reality Check takes an overarching view of five main topics impacting the oil and gas sector — global energy markets, energy supplies, energy mix, energy production, and energy nationalism — and outlines the challenges each may present to industry participants and resource owners.

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