Serving the Alternative Energy Industry

Understanding trends, challenges and opportunities

Few industries impact global economic livelihood, societal functioning and quality of life as significantly as the energy industry. Few industries face as many challenges. A number of daunting factors are again leading many inside and outside the energy industry to embrace alternative energy as a solution – or, perhaps, more accurately, a critical piece of the solution.

Alternative energy sources are slowly making inroads in our national energy mix, and that progress is likely to continue. It’s not a matter of whether the U.S. renewable energy market will grow – it’s how fast and by how much. A sampling of trends and challenges affecting U.S. alternative energy companies includes:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) boom in alternative energy sector
  • Technology evolution
  • Regulatory uncertainty
  • Infrastructure bottlenecks
  • Emissions allowances, renewable energy credits and trading

To learn more about our capabilities in this growing market segment, download our brochures on solar, wind, biofuels and geothermal energy.

Alternative Energy sectors and capabilities

We help biofuels clients address critical challenges and execute initiatives.
Geothermal energy
Our focus on geothermal energy provides a comprehensive view of your business opportunities and challenges.
Solar energy
We are committed to helping solar companies achieve their strategic goals.
Wind energy
We provide services to wind energy companies, from start-ups to established organizations.


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