2014 Industry Outlook

Challenges, trends and strategies that may shape your business in the coming year

Rapid change rules the business landscape. But for organizations that are willing to take on challenges and leverage disruptive trends, the outlook for 2014 is positive. Find your industry below for guidance from some of Deloitte’s most experienced and innovative minds.

Deloitte’s practice leaders weigh in

  • Oil and gas
    A new chapter in the energy renaissance is starting to emerge – one focused on the effective execution of capital projects. As the size and complexity of capital projects grows, the ability to execute becomes a critical competency for many companies.
  • Power and utilities
    As the industry heads into a period of transformation, power, gas and water companies are poised to benefit from a wave of technological advancements that can positively affect results across the value chain.
  • State government
    States have shown their ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. They have operated under extreme financial strain and managed to balance their budgets. They have developed creative strategies to bring more economic development opportunities to their states. Innovation is not new to government, but it is also something that needs to constantly be fostered.