2013 Health Care Outlook

Video looks at what’s around the corner for health care organizations and policy makers

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2013 is going to be a big year in the health care industry; one marked by the implementation of Affordable Care Act programs including health insurance exchanges, continued cost constraints, and calls for increased provider and health plan accountability and value.

Deloitte’s life sciences and health care industry leaders explore the coming year’s top issues and trends in a new video from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. Topics include:

  • Implications arising from states’ participation decisions around Medicaid expansion and managed care
  • How states are preparing for the launch of health insurance exchanges
  • Why the advent of a large and robust individual market may lead to health plan transformation
  • How comparative effectiveness  is expected to change the basis for life sciences industry competition and organizational decision-making
  • How employer activism will drive the agenda around provider and health plan value, cost-containment and accountability
  • Why information-driven health via IT-based systems will serve as the foundation of health care reform and how administrative and clinical Big Data/analytics can facilitate personalized care, provider quality and safety, and more.