Social Media in Government

Tools to improve agency operations


Perhaps the most common criticism of the use of social media in the workplace is that it distracts employees, wastes their time and reduces productivity and efficiency. This notion, however, has been challenged by the increasing variety and utility of social media tools, which are improving the way in which organizations across the world communicate. 

The ways in which social media is used is evolving as well. What began primarily as a mechanism to enhance external marketing efforts now is often used inside the workplace, in order to improve the way in which employees use resources, perform their jobs and make decisions.

Rising interest in social networking has spurred the creation a plethora of social media tools, and it can be difficult to separate hype from real value, and to select the right tool for the job. But the selection and deployment of these tools is subject to the same considerations and scrutiny that apply to any other investment in organizational capability: relevance to the mission, potential benefits — and the likelihood of success. 

This paper summarizes a four–step process that can help government agencies select the right social media tools to create value for their organizations.

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