Performance Based Logistics (PBL): A sustainment strategy delivering improved performance and reduced life cycle cost


About our offering

When the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Materiel Readiness) decided to conduct an analysis of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) performance based sustainment strategy in 2012, he chose Deloitte to conduct an in-depth, fact-based assessment of DoD PBL performance over the past decade. As a result of this year-long assessment of 20 DoD PBL programs across the military services and the industrial base, Deloitte clearly understands the challenges encountered in designing, negotiating, and executing performance based sustainment solutions.

The Performance Based Logistics (PBL) debate

Has the Defense Department’s PBL experience lived-up to the Business Theory? This article provides insight into the PBL debate, and attempts to answer whether or not the outcomes projected in PBL theory have been realized.

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Enduring positive change across the DoD logistics communities

Al Banghart, a senior advisor with Deloitte Consulting LLP and former director of enterprise transformation at the Defense Logistics Agency, discusses the challenges associated with effecting enduring positive change across the DoD logistics communities in Military Logistics Forum.