Aligning Mission, Business and Service Owners Through Cybersecurity

Video Series: Straight Talk on Cyber Success

Hear how Deloitte helps federal agencies get mission, business and services owners to the table to discuss security and get a much broader — and more granular -- picture of what their security posture actually looks like.

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“With a secure enterprise architecture, agencies see almost in a very tangible way that the expenditures -- and even to some extent, some of the compromises -- that have to be made to make sure that a system or a process is secure. It can actually enhance what they want to do as an organization.” 


  • Almaz Tekle, Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • David Friedman, Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

About the Video Series: Straight Talk on Cyber

As agencies move their missions further into the Cyber frontier, we asked a few of our senior government advisors—many of them former government leaders themselves—to share their insights on how to capitalize on this new world order while protecting their people, programs, and missions. We invite you to view our Straight Talk on Cyber video series to hear how agencies are strengthening and synchronizing Cyber initiatives across the organization and empowering their employees to achieve real Cyber success that matters to the mission. To see all the videos in this series, visit

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