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Federal agencies are being held to higher standards of performance, transparency, and accountability than ever before. It’s not enough to collect and share the right data – it has to be integrated, correlated and able to be transformed into real, actionable information that matters to the agency’s programs and the mission.

But there’s more than better decision making and information sharing at stake. By translating data into meaningful information, agencies can cultivate the ability to be proactive—even predictive—using tools that link data to their most mission-critical goals. That’s the power of business analytics – and it can help your agency unleash capabilities to not only discover insights buried deep in your data but hone a new situational awareness and foresight as well.

Deloitte’s Federal Business Analytics professionals have helped many federal agencies in their efforts to unlock the value buried deep in their data. We helped them use an integrated approach to stay focused on their agency’s mission and business imperatives – not just the ins and outs of technology.

Planning, budgeting and forecasting, performance management and reporting, information sharing, collaboration and participation, legislative requirements and operating realities - we know how to help federal agencies in their efforts to create deep analytics capabilities to serve all these areas. And we can help get you there faster.

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  • Customer Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Workforce & Talent Analytics
  • Finance Analytics
  • Risk and Regulatory Analytics
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Analytics Value Strategy
  • Information Management
  • Technology Analytics
  • Analytics Processes & Controls

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